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The wishing horse & carriage

The Wishing Horse & Carriage

Every little girl dreams of being Cinderella, whisked off to the ball in a carriage pulled by magnificent horses and driven by a smartly attired coachman. It doesn’t require a fairy godmother, glass slippers, or a royal ball to fulfill that dream. A horse and carriage, complete with a coachman, can be found on Kauai. 

Waving buggy whips in place of magic wands, Kauai Horse & Carriage transports passengers into a world of times gone by.... a time in Hawaii when Kings and Queens rode in elegant Royal Carriages.

Stepping into a horse-drawn carriage is like stepping back through time...each step echoes of things past and a history of hooves that came before. Ambassadors of Aloha and sustainability in action, a horse and carriage celebrates Kauai's royal heritage and rural character... epitomizing values Kauai holds dear.

Experience the elegance and charm of an enchanting carriage ride and create your own history of Aloha on our beautiful Garden Isle.

A Royal Hawaiian Tradition